Tech Estimate

Tech Estimate is an online application that can be accessed from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. 
You simply login to Tech-Centre as normal, and the option to use Tech-Estimate is available.
Using information from Tech-Online and Times Guide (all based on OE service schedules and times), the Tech-Estimate system will allow you to:

  • Select a vehicle in the same way as Tech-Online
  • Select a service schedule interval from Tech-Online
  • Select repair labour times from Times Guide
  • Enter customer details

You can also customise the estimate to suit your business, including uploading your company logo.

Once you have selected the required service, Tech Estimate will automatically add any relevant parts descriptions, oil and fluid capacities for the service selected (if data is available). All you need to do is enter the cost of these to the customer. You can then enter any additional parts or labour values that you need and Tech-Estimate will create an accurate cost estimate for the job.

Tech Estimate has been designed so you and your staff can create a quick and accurate estimate while you have the customer on the phone, or you can send an itemised copy via email from inside the system.

All estimates are automatically saved against your user I.D. while you are completing an estimate, so if you get interrupted you can restart where you left off. Also, all completed estimates are saved under you profile and can be searched by customer name or the vehicle details, making it easy to refer back to an estimate when you get the booking.